Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Watch TV Before Bed

Having a good night sleep is very important for every individual to maintain a healthy body. Not getting sufficient sleep can weaken your immune system and in worse cases, make you vulnerable to illnesses. The brain needs a good night sleep to organize your memories and also help you to recover memories. The negative effects of not having a good night sleep can be averted if we refrain from so many things, and watching television before bed is one of them.

Watching television is really entertaining as it gives us the chance to see what’s happening in the world. It allows us to travel from one place to another without leaving out doorsteps, making us learn new things in the act. These are some of the positive effects of watching TV, but do you know how bad it is to watch TV before going to sleep? There are also some negative effects and these negativities can be harmful to your night sleep.

Sitting in front of your television or even your personal computer for all day is not advisable. It is obvious that this could cause your problems with sleep. Your memory can flash back to scenes from scary TV programs, or you may have nightmares about some of them. Television can stimulate your sense organs and trigger your mental processes. In addition, if you really like the movie or program, you have the tendency of not sleeping altogether. The solution here is to avoid these programs or movies on the evening.

Furthermore, it could cause you to develop sleeping disorders because your sense of fear and anxiety has been stimulated by what you see on the TV. The brain is so sensitive that when it is exposed to any form of light (including that of the TV), it receives a signal saying it’s time to wake up. Then again, when it’s dark, your brain signals you to go to sleep. In this manner, watching television before bed is actually keeping you awake as opposed to making you sleepy.

Our Kids Also Experience the Negative Effect of Watching TV Before Bed

TV might cause serious sleep problems in some kids. In fact, many children have televisions in their rooms and this can disrupt their sleep. They tend to watch television programs and movies instead of having a good night sleep. Having sleep problems will make them tired when they get to school; thus, making them have poor grades and learn slowly in school.

Research have shown that watching television before bed can truly disrupt sleep due to its mental stimulation and eye storm; while others believe it has minimal effect on sleep. What most experts agree on is that electronic media such as video games require a lot of interaction that can activate and excite the brain. Agreed, this is true! Yet, you don’t need these stimulates before you sleep and bedtime is the wrong time to activate and excite that part of your body that needs rest.

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