Ways to Develop Habit of Book Reading

It is very important to have the right attitude and mindset when training yourself to be a good reader. Appreciate the fact that book reading is enjoyable. Reading a difficult and lousy book will only demoralize the reader. In case the thought of laying hands on a book makes the reader feel tasked and punished then they should abandon that book but not reading altogether. Find another interesting book.

If the problem is anything else other than the nature of that book, then the following suggestions may assist in developing a book reading habit.

Set Time and Avoid Procrastination

To begin with set some time aside each day only for reading. That time should not be less than 5 minutes.  Do not allow anything to distract that schedule. That time could be during breakfast, Lunch break or after dinner.  That reading routine will settle in slowly and eventually it will become a habit. Do not postpone the commitment to read. Procrastination will erode the interest to read, and within no time the reading vigor will disappear.

Read Compelling and Fun Books

If the reader is not aware of the most appropriate reading material, they risk bumping into anything. That puts the reader at a high risk of landing boring and demoralizing material. Go for the books that have the grip and keep the reader attached and engaged. Such material that makes the reader burn in anticipation to read.  After the reading habit is fully cultivated, then the reader can graduate to the difficult books. In the meantime focus on the fun.

Always Have a Book

No matter where the reader is at, they ought to have a book with them. Just as is routine to carry a drivers license, a national ID or house keys, make it a habit to have a good book with you. When caught up in traffic, while waiting to be served at the bank or office, while traveling via public means etc. these are perfect opportunities to draw out the book and read a few chapters.

Set Aside a Day to Visit the Library


It is good to interact with books. It gives the reader an opportunity to learn the art of going for just the right reading material. At the library, the reader has an opportunity to interact with the books and the librarian.  Set aside time or even an entire day to spend at the library.

Set a Reading Objective

Any reading goal must have purpose, well articulated purpose. The reader must understand the significance of a good reading habit and the difference that will make in their lives. In relationships, career, academics, etc. with substantive reasons then the motivation to achieve the end goal comes alive.

The objective could be anything from reading 10 books a month or 50 books per annum etc. a reasonable goal for beginners might be to only read a single book per month. Be patient and determined, and the learning process will become enjoyable.

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